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Whether you are looking for relaxation or immediate results, there is a treatment blended for your needs


HydraFacial is a patented skin treatment system  that works to deep-clean, exfoliate, and hydrate your skin while delivering serums customized to your skin type. 

Treatments starting at $199

Dermal Infusion

Waxing Services

 Brow                  Starting at $20
 Lip                      Starting at $15
Chin                     Starting at $15
Arm                     Starting at $30
Back                    Starting at $55
Bikini Line         Starting at $40
Brazilian            Starting at $65

chemical Peels

There are a large variety of no-downtime facial peels for different skin types and conditions. Starting at $145.


 $90, add-on for $50

As a standalone treatment or combined with facial and chemical peels. Treatments include:
       Hydrate & Nourish
        Purify & Refine
        Restore & Correct
$165 and up for treatment
Series of 6 recommended. Starting at $990 / series (includes 3 products to compliment your treatment) 


Manual Lymph Drainage

Starting at $50

Microneedling &


We encourage a consultation to see if micro-needling or micro-channeling would be good for you

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